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Contemporary breast pumps for the modern mom

At Janz Medical Supply, we offer breast pumps and postpartum products to meet the needs of both new and experienced moms. For mothers who have opted to breastfeed, a breast pump is a necessity as it will allow you to continuously contribute to your baby’s milk supply, relieve any engorgement discomfort you may experience, and carry on with your daily routine. In addition to pumps, we also supply orthoses, such as post-partum abdominal therapy, to support a mother’s changing body, promote healing, reduce pain, swelling and cramping, and increase mobility.


Begin every day feeling rested

If you currently live with sleep apnea, our team can assist you with the purchase of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device and tailor fit a mask to you. The custom fitting process will not only optimize the effectiveness of your machine but also increase your quality of sleep. Sleep therapy is used to combat the many symptoms of sleep disorders, including chronic fatigue and lack of concentration throughout the day, dry mouth and excessive thirst in the morning, and extreme snoring and restlessness throughout the night.


Here to help you breathe easier

If you or a loved one are currently living with a chronic or acute pulmonary disease, your doctor may have recommended that your purchase a nebulizer, ventilator, aspirator, suction pump, oxygen concentrator or regulator to help assist with your breathing. Regardless of the device you require, Janz Medical Supply has you covered. Our experienced team will help you feel comfortable with your purchase both in store and at home, answer any questions you may have and show you how to use and maintain your device correctly.

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